info: is a newly created information platform for such teams and organizations, which can provide activity and event information to members. By widely promoting their activities to external people, it becomes easier to recruit new talent and experimentally advance activities for a better future.


Innovative Design Meets Social Responsibility: The Story Behind's Logo by Enhanced Inc.

13 Feb 2024

Unraveling the Appeal of Japanese Design in's Logo

Japanese design has long captivated the world with its unique blend of minimalism, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. This global fascination is vividly embodied in the logo design of, a novel information platform crafted by the renowned Japanese design studio, Enhanced Inc. The logo's conceptual depth and visual simplicity mirror the essence of Japanese design philosophy – where less is more, and every element serves a purpose. By adopting a design approach that values clarity, subtlety, and efficiency, Enhanced Inc. has created a logo that resonates with the universal appeal of Japanese aesthetics.

The Logo's Alignment with Contemporary Design Trends's logo stands as a testament to contemporary design trends, particularly in its approach to visual storytelling and engagement. In a world where design is not just seen but experienced, the logo cleverly engages the viewer's imagination. By intentionally omitting parts of each letter, the design invites the audience to participate in the creative process – a reflection of's mission to foster collaborative solutions to societal challenges. This interactive aspect aligns perfectly with current trends that emphasize user engagement and experiential design.

A Symbol of Collective Effort and Imagination

The logo's concept, brilliantly conceived by Hiromi Maeo of Enhanced Inc., goes beyond aesthetic appeal to symbolize the very ethos of In a time of global challenges like climate change and pandemics, the platform represents a collective effort to creatively address gaps left by traditional frameworks. The incomplete letters in the logo are not just a design choice but a powerful metaphor for the platform's role in bringing together diverse teams and organizations to fill these gaps. It's a visual reminder that in unity and collaboration lies the strength to imagine and shape a better future.

The logo by Enhanced Inc. is more than just a visual identity; it's a narrative of hope, collaboration, and the power of imagination. It stands as a beacon of modern design thinking, where aesthetics meet functionality, and where logos become a canvas for storytelling and social responsibility.