Tokyo Illustrators Society (TIS) was established in October 1988. TIS was founded not merely as an arena for illustrators to get acquainted with each other and exchange ideas but also as a platform to let our society know their capabilities.


Tokyo Illustrators Society: Pioneering the Art of Illustration Since 1988

24 Feb 2024

Since its inception in October 1988, the Tokyo Illustrators Society (TIS) has stood as a pivotal force in the realm of illustration, not just in Japan but globally. TIS, more than just a collective of artists, represents a dynamic platform where creativity meets collaboration, pushing the boundaries of what illustration can achieve.

As of January 2018, TIS boasts a membership of 256 prolific illustrators, each bringing their unique vision to the table. This diversity is the lifeblood of TIS, fostering an environment where ideas are not just exchanged but also nurtured. The society’s commitment to the growth and development of the illustration field is evident through its various initiatives. From hosting exhibitions that showcase the incredible talents of its members to open recruitments aimed at fostering young artists, TIS is dedicated to exploring and expanding the possibilities of illustration.

A significant milestone in TIS's journey was its transition to a general incorporated association in September 2016. This move marks a new chapter in its mission to elevate the status and perception of illustrators in society. The organization's leadership, comprising Administrative Director Shinbo Minami, Vice Presidents Mushi Azumi and Izuru Aminaka, along with Amigos Koike and Acting Director Manabu Mori, steers TIS towards a future where illustration is not only appreciated as an art form but also respected as a vital contributor to cultural and societal development.

What sets TIS apart is its relentless pursuit of innovation in illustration. Through publishing endeavors and research conferences, it not only celebrates the rich history of illustration but also spearheads discussions on its future trajectory. The society's activities serve as a beacon, guiding young illustrators and seasoned professionals alike, fostering a community where talent is recognized, honed, and most importantly, celebrated.

The Tokyo Illustrators Society is more than an association; it's a crucible of artistic vision and a testament to the power of collective creativity. As it continues to shape the landscape of illustration, TIS stands as a symbol of artistic excellence and a source of inspiration for illustrators worldwide.