Wallbaby, founded by two photographers in Stockholm, stands out in a crowded online poster market by offering original artworks from global artists. Snask Studio created a bold and cheeky brand identity that embodies passion, positioning Wallbaby as a purveyor of emotionally stirring art. Their distinctive visual identity, featuring the Graúna typeface and vibrant red palette, turns buying a Wallbaby poster into an inspiring experience that transforms everyday spaces into havens of artistic expression.


Wallbaby and Snask Studio: Revolutionizing Poster Art with Passion and Flair

07 May 2024

In a world where the online poster market is saturated with fast-consumption brands, Wallbaby stands out as a breath of fresh air. Founded by two Stockholm-based photographers, Wallbaby represents a love for art and interior design, connecting people with original artworks from artists around the globe. The challenge for Snask Studio was to create a brand identity for Wallbaby from scratch, differentiating it in a crowded marketplace. The solution was a brand that exudes quality in both its motifs and prints, starting with the perfect name, 'Wallbaby', symbolizing the founders' love-child and their mission to bring beautiful art into homes.


Snask Studio's branding strategy for Wallbaby is characterized by boldness and a flirtatious charm. The messaging adopts a cheeky, sassy tone, positioning Wallbaby not just as a poster company but as a purveyor of heart-stirring art. This approach departs from the functional angle typical in the industry, focusing instead on creating a desire for art that captivates and ignites emotions. The concept of love and passion is central to the brand, making buying a Wallbaby poster akin to a romantic affair, one that resonates deeply and personally with the buyer.


The visual identity of Wallbaby, crafted by Snask Studio, is a masterclass in branding. It employs the Graúna typeface for its logotype and headlines, mirroring the bold and soft aspects of a passionate relationship. This typographic choice, combined with a unique frame/shadow effect, gives Wallbaby a distinctive and memorable look. A vibrant red color palette enhances the themes of love and passion, inviting customers to embrace art that's not just beautiful but also emotionally compelling. In essence, Wallbaby and Snask Studio have transformed the act of buying posters into an experience of falling in love, turning everyday spaces into havens of artistic expression and emotional connection.


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