Mortise Design Studio: Biāng Biāng Bar is a friendly bar for people of different sexual orientations in Spain. It serves Xi’an cuisine and cocktails. We enjoyed the design process and got a lot of fun. We provide the logo guideline development, illustrations, menu, posters and interior design consultancy.


Mortise Design Studio's Artful Blend of Style and Inclusivity at Biāng Biāng Bar

22 Feb 2024

In the vibrant landscape of Spain's bar scene, Biāng Biāng Bar emerges as a beacon of inclusivity and style, thanks to the creative genius of Mortise Design Studio. This friendly bar, catering to diverse sexual orientations, isn't just about serving Xi’an cuisine and cocktails; it's a celebration of individuality and shared experiences, as seen through its distinctive branding.

Mortise's approach to Biāng Biāng Bar's branding was multifaceted, encompassing logo guideline development, illustrations, menu design, posters, and interior design consultancy. This comprehensive strategy ensured a cohesive and immersive experience for every patron, from the moment they step into every detail they encounter.

Central to the branding are two uniquely designed characters, a couple who embody the spirit of Biāng Biāng Bar. These characters, dressed in contrasting British styles, represent more than fashion choices; they are symbols of the bar's inclusive ethos. Panda, with an exaggerated, expressive style, complements the more mature, low-key British elegance of the white bear. Their distinct personalities — one flamboyant and expressive, the other understated and thoughtful — mirror the diverse clientele that Biāng Biāng Bar welcomes.

What sets these characters apart is their relationship. While they are a couple, Mortise Design Studio skillfully avoids overemphasizing this aspect in the illustrations. Instead, their connection is subtly woven into the narrative, echoing Biāng Biāng Bar's philosophy of a friendly, inclusive environment where everyone feels at home.

Mortise Design Studio's branding for Biāng Biāng Bar is more than just a visual identity; it's a story of love, life, and the joy of embracing one's true self. It reflects a place where differences are celebrated, personalities complement each other, and everyone is welcomed with open arms — a true testament to the power of thoughtful, inclusive design.