Area: 87,43 m²

Location: St. Petersburg

Designer: Denis Krasikov, Jenya Krasikova


Innovative Functionality Meets Vibrant Accents: Exploring Cartelle Design's LOST Apartment in St. Petersburg

15 Feb 2024

In the heart of St. Petersburg, Cartelle Design unveils its latest masterpiece: the LOST 2-bedroom apartment, a splendid blend of style, functionality, and colorful vibrancy. Nestled in the Chernaya Rechka residential complex, this space is more than just an abode; it's a testament to modern living tailored to its inhabitants' unique tastes and needs.

At the core of this design is the kitchen, crafted meticulously for a culinary enthusiast. The challenge was to create a space where cooking and entertainment intersect seamlessly. The solution? A spacious kitchen set, complete with a large island that not only houses a hob and a built-in extractor hood but also transforms ingeniously into a dining table for four. This area faces the living space, anchored by a sizable modular sofa and TV, fostering an atmosphere where socializing and culinary pursuits coexist.

The bedroom, a study in minimalism, features a double leather bed with a plush headboard, flanked by simple yet elegant bedside tables and lamps. Behind a wooden partition lies a cleverly concealed dressing area and workspace, illustrating Cartelle Design's knack for merging aesthetics with practicality. This functionality extends to the bathrooms – one boasting a standalone bath, the other a shower – each outfitted with ample covered storage as per the hostess's request. Even a compact laundry room finds its place in this well-thought-out layout.

What truly sets the LOST apartment apart is its material palette and color scheme. A symphony of natural materials plays beautifully against a backdrop of natural neutrals, brass highlights, and rich accent colors, creating an interior that's as functional as it is visually intriguing.

As construction progresses, anticipation builds for the final reveal of this project. Cartelle Design's LOST apartment is not just a living space; it's a vivid narrative of personal taste, innovative design, and the art of balancing form with function.