MRSOOL's Innovative Head Office by Sivak+Partners

29 Aug 2023

The architectural landscape is dynamically shifting, bringing forth unparalleled designs that redefine our perception of modern workspaces. One such example is the MRSOOL head office, masterfully crafted by the renowned firm, Sivak+Partners. Undoubtedly, this expansive office space sets the latest trend in architectural design, innovatively accommodating over 200 workstations and integrating various amenities such as lounge spaces, kitchens, and dining/bar areas.

What stands out in this architectural marvel is the harmonious dialogue between textures and colors, as evidenced by the contrast of glossy painted walls and the luxury matte marble reception desk in the main hall. Considering architecture's popularity now, it's easy to see that the blend of minimalist design and brand-aligned color schemes found at MRSOOL is the next big thing. Shades of green, resonant with the company's brand identity, are woven into the fabric of the office, manifesting in various tones, materials, and reflections.

Furthermore, the groundbreaking use of space on each floor of the office caters to the modern professional's needs. From the reception area on the ground floor to the CEO suits and hot desking on the first floor, and an array of workspaces, meeting rooms, and a futuristic all-steel kitchen on the second floor, every element contributes to a comfortable, efficient, and engaging environment. The attention to detail such as hiding electrical units and power sockets keeps the space looking clean and calm.

The unique design of the MRSOOL head office exemplifies the newest trend in architecture, demonstrating how design can seamlessly combine functionality, aesthetics, and a deep alignment with brand identity. Watch out for more from Sivak+Partners, as their innovation in architectural design promises to shape the future of modern workplaces.

Location: KSA
Area: 1890 sq.m.